Sep 11, 2013

Routine ~PhotoADay

11 what you did today

I asked Sprocket about what he did today, but he wouldn’t tell.

5 around the house

1/125 sec  f/2.8  ISO 400

Fun with dry ice.

6 indulge yourself

1/200 sec  f/2.0  ISO 250

A cool fresh peach icee for a hot humid September afternoon.


7 on the left

1/800 sec  f/4   ISO 100

8 black and white

1/200 sec  f/1.8  ISO 2500

9 routine

1/400 sec  f/2.5  ISO 800

I always take 40W to go home except when I’ve gone west on 40 and really need to go East on 40 to get home. I got halfway up the ramp and realized I was going the wrong way.  6 miles in the wrong direction just to turn around and go 6 miles back. But I got to see this view so it’s all good.


10 sweet

1/125 sec    f/2    ISO 800

Tasting blueberry jam

11 on the wall

1/125 sec  f/5.6  ISO 160

Here are the links to the PhotoADay lists I’m working haphazardly off of if you want to join in the fun.


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