May 7, 2012

Moon watching


The moon wasn't exactly cooperative for me it hid behind some clouds as it came up over the horizon.



This is the moonrise shot I had imagined, just without the clouds in front of it.



I actually read some stuff about taking moon pictures before I went out. All I got from it was I had the wrong lens. So I ignored that and went out anyway.



The stubborn clouds just hung on the tops of the mountains.



Then the moon rose above them.



f/4    1/4 sec    ISO-500

I tried some different settings. I found that the longer exposures made a fuzzy moon. So I played with a higher ISO. I’ve been kind of afraid of high ISO because it makes the grainy look. But it’s there on my camera so I should at least try it now and then.



f/4     2.5 sec    ISO-500



f/6.3    1/4 sec   ISO-1000     +1.3 step

The “+1.3” is from bracketing. I bracked

because I read something that said it was a good idea for moon pictures. They might have explained it something like this: The camera might get confused with the brightness of the moon and darkness of everything else so bracket and maybe you’ll get a picture you like. I didn’t finish reading the article, I got distracted with something else like a burning smell coming from the oven. But I did remember the part that bracketing was good. I know, I know Ken Rockwell says bracketing is for people who can’t take a picture right the first time. Well I am one of those people at this point.



f/4   3 sec     ISO-1000   +1.3 step



f/4      30 sec    ISO-200   +1.3 step



f/4    1/3 sec   ISO-1000 +1.3 step



f/4     1/10 sec ISO-1000  0 step

I hope you had a moment to enjoy the big moon this weekend and maybe get some pictures too.


Ellen Patry said...

That looks like the sun coming up in some of those, crazy moon !

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